Basic Policies

My classroom policies for courses at the University of Texas can be found here. Classroom Policies 2017

My late-work policy is as follows:

I encourage students who run into trouble with a deadline to work with me ahead of time — ahead of the deadline — to adjust that deadline. This is the professional thing to do.  If a student does NOT work out a new schedule and simply misses a deadline, they have up to a WEEK to turn in the work for half credit.  After a week no work will be accepted and the assignment will be graded as zero.

If you are in need of a letter of recommendation, here’s what to do:

  1. write your own rough draft complete with the snail-mail address of the recipient. Please note that sometimes this requires a little research on your part as so many calls are all-electronic these days.
  2. submit this draft, and your request, at least one week prior to the deadline.  Please provide details about the job or opportunity so that I can craft a  detailed, personal letter.
  3. I will use your draft to compose a detailed personal letter that I print, sign, scan and submit to the recipient.